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The Payment Card Industry (PCI) is an open global forum, formed by the PCI Security Standards Council ( in 2006 to promote the security management of cardholder data information.


To date, several PCI Security Standards have been developed and incorporated as the data security compliance program of many organizations. The current list of standards available are the:

  • PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • PIN Transaction Security (PTS)
  • Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS)
  • PCI PIN Security
  • PCI P2PE Application and Solution


Each standard includes its own set of technical requirements to ensure cardholder data information is securely handled at every step of a payment transaction.


The PCI Security Standards Council is founded by five global payment brands, namely,

  • American Express (AMEX),
  • Discover Financial Services (Discover),
  • JCB International (JCB),
  • MasterCard Worldwide (MasterCard) and
  • Visa Inc (VISA).


The five payment brands have agreed to incorporate the PCI DSS as part of their data security compliance programs. As such QSAs, PA-QSAs and ASVs certified by the PCI Security Standards Council are also recognised by the founding payment brands.