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The rapid growth of mobile banking introduce security risk and privacy issues that must be managed properly.


The Consumer Mobile Application market had seen an explosive growth with the release of various mobile applications aim at providing consumers the ease of access and convenience at the touch of our mobile phones. However, this had also extend and indirectly exposed ourselves and organisations to different type of security threats.


To help customer mitigate the risk, we, Vectra Information Security, had a specialise team that focus on evaluating and keeping track of the latest mobile application threats. Our team also conduct mobile application testing using simulators as well as its native platforms (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, etc.). We will help you discover these vulnerability through capturing the business logic flow of the application for an active analysis of the Mobile application and identify security weakness, technical flaws or vulnerabilities as well as recommend remediation actions based on the Industry Security Standards or Best Practices.


It is necessary to follow this process as each mobile application is unique and dissimilar to others both in functionality and underlying technologies, which allows us to understand and potentially identify vulnerabilities to your Mobile application and how we can help by recommending to you remediation strategies to ensure any security risk exposed are remediated or reduce to the minimum.


Key Benefits:

  • Standards Based – Our penetration tests are based on Industry Security Standards and Best Practices such as OWASP
  • Experience information security consultants - We are specialise in mobile application penetration testing
  • State of the art Tools – We leverage state of the art commercial, open source & proprietary tools.
  • Efficient & Cost Effective - We provide a one stops comprehensive mobile application penetration testing and leverage on a team of experience information security consultant to meet tight schedules and budgets.
  • Safe approach - We adopt a safe approach to evaluate the security of your mobile applications to understand hacker mentality without disruption to your business operation.