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Your data is your important asset.

Secure it.


Network Vulnerability Assessment is an important first step in discovering your network vulnerabilities. The assessment is able to provide a clear and in-depth understanding of how vulnerable your network is to both internal and external attacks.


Our Vectra Information Security consultants will use common hacker tools in the market to scan for vulnerabilities. The vulnerability assessment covers:


  • Thorough overview of an organisation’s security from the public facing perimeter to the internal private network infrastructure
  • Immediate definition of the security issues in your network
  • Recommendations to fix the discovered vulnerabilities and control security problems
  • Known security vulnerabilities existing in network devices including firewalls and routers, servers, such as DNS, web servers and proxy servers
  • Known security vulnerabilities for different network services for Windows/Linux/Unix platforms
  • Possible root access
  • Windows user control and management, e.g. password policies
  • Back door checking


From the vulnerability assessment results, our information security consultant will perform an analysis and a vulnerability assessment report will be submitted to you, with the findings sorted by their risk levels. The report will include recommendations so that the necessary actions can be taken to secure the targeted site.


The vulnerability assessment aims to provide a safe approach to determine the security level of your IT systems. As a recommendation, vulnerability assessment should be performed at least twice a year or after any major changes to the network to ensure that the organisation IT systems are constantly secure and well protected.