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Information Security is everyone’s responsibility.

“To protect themselves, businesses must make sure that employees or hackers don't install unauthorized wireless APs on the network and that APs are configured securely.”

– Gartner, Inc (http://www.gartner.com/press_releases/asset_88267_11.html)

The proliferation of wireless devices resulted in increased deployments of wireless networks in business organizations. Compared to wired networks, wireless networks offer organizations additional conveniencefor mobile employees with access to information anywhere in the organization.

However, such convenience also creates a new avenue for attackers to break into the organization’s networks. With little or no perimeter defense, the organization’s access point (AP) can be targeted by attackers and data transmitted through wireless networks can be received by all participants in the network.

It is therefore critical for organizations to assess their wireless networks regularly to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, and ensure sufficient protection is in place to protect these networks.

Vectra Information Security’sWireless Network Vulnerability Assessment service can assist organizations in the following:

  • Identification of all wireless access points in your organization (including ad-hoc networks)
  • Investigation of rogue devices in your organization
  • Vulnerability assessment on your organization’s access points
  • Vulnerability assessment on your organization’s wireless network infrastructure
  • Recommendations on remediation/mitigation of risks observed

Key Benefits of Vectra Information Security’s Wireless Network Vulnerability Assessment service:

  • Increase awareness and protection of your organization’s wireless security.
  • Improve organization’s wireless threat and vulnerability monitoring.
  • Covers PCI DSS Requirement 11.1

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